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Internet Predictions from the 1990s

Yeah, some of these were dead on. NOT!

Why Integrate Technology?

Article Response By Tyler Breitbarth Why integrate technology? This is a question a lot of educators ask. Although more and more educators are accepting that technology is important to student learning, how will technology fit into the daily classroom environment is a question that many have not answered. The benefit to using technology, this article suggests, is that it will help give students experience they can use in their professional lives, college and career. The author really emphasizes the point that the skills students will learn will not be typing and how to run applications, but how to sort and process information digitally, such as when researching online. Effective technology integration must be made across the curriculum, in ways that deepens and enhances the learning process. To achieve this, technology must support; active engagement, participation in groups, frequent interaction, and feedback

Social Presentations - Engaging Students Through Technology

Social presentations are a relatively new concept as it combines the traditional approach of presentations and adds interactivity between students and teachers with formative assessments. Available for iPads, Android Tablets, PCs, and almost any internet enabled device One of the biggest benefits to technology in the classroom is making assessment data and student information almost instant. A lot of teachers I know love self checked quizzes and using other forms of assessment that instantly let the teacher know where, academically, students are at in relation to an objective or a standard. More and more, teaching practices are being improved with this data acquired through formative assessment . Unlike summative assessments , these tools allow teachers to change the lesson based on the needs of their students. Formative assessment is by no means a new idea, but with technology, the process is significantly faster. NearPod is a tool that allows t