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Tips for Troubleshooting Chromebooks

Here are some blog and forum posts detailing some of the most common problems with Chromebooks and how to troubleshoot them. Tech & Learning Tips for Troubleshooting Chromebooks - Sometimes the tech department can be busy or valuable class time can be wasted waiting for a fix. This guide can help save some time with some common Chromebook issues. OMG Chrome Troubleshoot Info-graphic - Neat visual guide and flow chart to diagnose problems with Chromebooks. Google's Troubleshoot Chrome Devices Page - Enrolling Chromebooks into Google's enterprise admin console is not as easy as it is made out to be all of the time. This guide can really save some extra hours put into just enrolling devices. However lengthy the process, it is well worth the pain and anguish in the end. :)

ReadWriteThink - The Many Tools for your Toolbox

When working to complete projects on Chromebooks, more and more often I am suggesting This site is a collection of free tools that can be used for various purposes in the classroom. One of the great features about these apps is they offer the ability to save as a PDF instead of wasting paper. PDFs can easily be saved to Google Drive or Dropbox and shared with their teacher through Google Classroom, Edmodo, Moodle, Schoology or other LMS sites. See the sampling I have outlined below. Timeline  - This simple tool is great when generating, what else, Timelines! If you want something where students are more in charge of the creation, and you are on Google Apps, Google Draw can also be used to create timelines. Students and teachers really like the simplicity of this app. Trading Card Creator - This is a g

Turn Your iPad into an Interactive Document Camera

Ever thought of using your iPad as an interactive document camera? You are not the only one. There are multiple apps out there for accomplishing such a feat. iPad Doc Cam Stand Things you will need: iPad 2 or later Apple TV or VGA/HDMI Adapter for iPad Projector or HDTV Apps you will need The Camera App on the iPad and a stand ( Click Here ) or any of the following apps. ScreenChomp Spalshtop Interactive Whiteboard (Kinda Pricey, but could be worth it) Doceri Stage: Interactive Whiteboard and Document Camera Tutorials How to Airplay on Apple TV How to use Screen Chomp Splashtop Tutorials Setup Presentation Tools Annotation Tools Flip Chart Doceri  Basics of Doceri How to Use Doceri in Classroom

New Features for Google Classroom Mobile

Google Classroom continues to update. Now allowing teachers to grade, create, and edit assignments from the mobile apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android Devices. Previously you could only view assignments and make posts on Mobile Devices.

Online Discussions and the Vine

Hello Everyone, Well, as we wrap up the school year, here is something to give some thoughts on either through these last few days and/or over the summer. 1) Google Classrom/Docs for Discussions " Giving Quiet Students a Voice " Is Google taking over the world? Quite possibly, but educators are reaping the benefits. In this article " Giving Quiet Students a Voice ," one educator shows how she uses Google to facilitate online discussions. Note: I am NOT suggesting an end to all verbal discussions. I am talking about the opportunity to integrate a digital/online component where appropriate. 2) the Vine " 4 Ways to use Vine in the Classroom " Vine is a video service owned by Twitter that has a uniqueness of limiting any videos to 6 seconds. That may not seem like a lot, but this article shows how a teacher is making use of 6 second videos in " 4 Ways to use Vine in the Classroom " To me it raises an interesting concept. Can you teach someone somethi