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High School of the Future

Check out the article at: There are no bells at Salt Lake City’s Innovations Early College High School, and no traditional “classes.” Students show up when they like, putting in six and a half hours at school between 7 a.m. and 5 p.m. Working with a mentor teacher, students set their own goals and move through self-paced online lessons. They can take more time when they need it or move ahead quickly when they show mastery. An interesting idea for the future of high schools.

4 Tools to Schedule Communication

Check out the article at: I have personally used Remind and Tweetdeck. Both are great tools to schedule communication, If I could add one to the list, I would add Blogger. I use blogger to automate my posts to Facebook, Twitter, and my website. I can also create posts in advance and schedule them to post at a later time.

10 reasons why I pick Chromebooks for 1:1

Check out the article at: From the article Disclaimer: I’m a high school Spanish teacher. My students create using Google Apps almost every day. They blog. We do a lot of accessing various websites. We do create video and photos some, but not often. And my district is not social media-friendly, so Twitter, Google Plus, Facebook, Instagram, etc. are not an issue.

Google Classroom vs. Google Forms - Interacting with Student Work

Technology makes it easier for me to give more meaningful feedback to students more quickly and efficiently than ever before. See the article at:

Making Test Prep Fun with Visual Vocabulary

. Read the article at:

Summer Break is NOT really a break for Teachers

I remembered this great article in which a teacher It's the old familiar refrain: "Oh, you're a teacher? It must be nice to have those summers off. " Or, the more sneering version: "You know, those of us in the adult world have to work the whole year." ...  Although these comments are frequently dripping with condescension, I'm personally more offended by their sheer untruth . Check out the article here: My Summer It sure gets quiet around here in the summer and that is not a bad thing. Its a time when I can get things done, well not really. Two years ago, I worked my first summer in the Tech Department. I remember wondering what I would do with all the time I had to get things done. I mean, I had two whole months. Well, I learned very quickly (especially during the last week before teachers came back), that summer is no break. I constantly saw teach

E3 Kicks off Today

I don't know if it is required for Tech People be a gamer as well, but it wouldn't be hard to imagine. :) E3 (or the Electronic Entertainment Expo) is an annual press conference in which major providers of home entertainment showcase what is to come in the following year. Although not usually geared to education, this conference can give an insight into what will be possible in the coming years. For example, Sony and Nintendo announced 3D gaming at E3 over 5 years ago. Although 3D seems to be abandoned in the home entertainment world for now, EdTech companies are now offering 3D learning platforms. Virtual Reality gaming is close to becoming a reality (pardon the pun) in the home entertainment world. There may be some demonstrations at E3 this year. When will this technology come to education and what impact will it have? Check out the Coverage Here If you are interested in watching any of the events streamed live, here are a few of

Mr B Ed Tech: Summer Hours

Hello Everyone, I have now reached the point where I will be taking some time off, attending conferences, seeking out some professional development, as well as teaching some summer school online. During this time, I will still post to the blog, but on a more limited basis. I will resume my normal posting when I get back into my school routine in August. Here is an article about schools that are turning to online courses for summer school. School is NOT out online Summer is truly a busy time for this teacher! Here is a Sneak Peak at my next post, inspired by my busy summer schedule. Summer break not really a break for teachers Thanks for reading! Mr. B

Apple at WWDC 2016

This Monday (June 13th), Apple is holding its annual World Wide Developer's Conference (WWDC) in which Apple usually reveals the next versions of iOS (for iPads, iPhones, & iPods), OSX (for MacBooks and MacPros), as well as Apple TV os and Watch OS. Typically this is not when Apple announces the new iPhone, but it is expected that Apple will announce the new MacBook lineup. As usual the rumors are flying around the internet about what the new "killer" features are going to be. Check out some of these articles below. CNET - Apple at WWDC 2016: What's rumored, what we expect, what we'd like to see

20 Web Tools and Apps for Learners to Create Fun Videos

Engaging Video Projects for Digital Learners from Shelly Sanchez Terrell The highest levels of learning are linked with student creations. Having students create projects requires critical thinking and a thorough understanding of the content. Have a look at the SlideShare above showing tools for students to create videos such as: Movie (or Book) Previews News Reports Commercials Interviews Animations and more...

13 Tips and Tricks for Virtual Field Trips with Google Hangouts

Check out the article at:

6 Ways to Use Book Creator in Science Classrooms

Check out this artilce at:

4 Reasons Why You Should Attend an EdTech Conference

Click here to see the article: I really like going to tech conferences. I think that most I like meeting with other EdTech professionals at these conferences because it is nice to finally meet with someone who understands the job, offer different perspectives, and usually have a tool I have not discovered that can make life so much easier. My perspective touches on some of the reasons mentioned in the article linked above. I really enjoy meeting with the faces behind the companies I've been working with. However, a word of caution about EdTech conferences. They are usually sponsored by many different tech companies, with the intention of gaining your (or your school's) business. Education technology is a very competitive field and you may be constantly being "sold" tech tools rather than "shown" tech tools. Before you commit to a tech tool, make sure the tool f

U.S. Relies on Floppy Disks for Nuclear Weapons System

That is a headline that startled me and grabbed my attention. I have been seeing more and more articles about the state of Technology in U.S. Government Agencies, from the White House trying to update from Windows XP (about 2 years after Microsoft ended support) to this article about a Government agency responsible for nuclear weapons relying on 8-inch floppy disks from the 70s. Granted, these systems were invented at the height of the Cold War. These were the most technologically advanced systems at the time. Also, I don't think I, personally, would trust nukes running on Windows 98, but maybe an upgrade is due. Article 1: Feds Spending Tech Money on Floppy Disks and COBOL, Report Says This reminded me of another article I saw last year about the computers in the IRS being the same computers used when JFK was pre

3 Largest Barriers to Student Learning

Blogger Lisa Nielsen makes a case for three of the largest barriers to student learning in EdTech. Internet Speed Filtering ...they can’t access the sites they want. Teacher’s say filtering is a major barrier to using the digital tools of our world because there is just so much they can’t access. Testing many places there are two full weeks of testing for students... Read the article here: My Thoughts on: Internet speed The current generation of students can be referred to as the "Here and Now" generation. How many times have you (or someone you know) lost patience with your phone, tablet, or computer because an app didn't instantly launch or a webpage didn't instantly load. How did that make you feel? Imagine in a classroom, where time is already limited and your app takes minutes to load. It can become very easy for students to become disengaged and distracted during load times. Filtering T