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Mr. B Presenting at ICE Conference 2019 #edtech

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Take your class on a Virtual Field Trip #edtech

I recently had a colleague explain to me that due to a change in policy, a field trip she used to take with her class has been altered and much of it had to be eliminated. I have also been on the field trip and I sympathized with the learning opportunity that has been lost. Then I thought, if I can bring the students to the location, how would I bring the location to the students? Apps/Devices Google Earth VR You can take your students to anywhere in the world if you are able to use Google Earth VR. Students can use Google Earth to visit locations anywhere in the world, fully modeled in 3D. This would require an Oculus Rift (and capable PC) OR an HTC VIVE VR System. Oculus Rift : HTC Vive : Nearpod VR Don't have VR headsets? Don't worry, they are not required for this one. Students can explore 360 degree

How to Differentiate Questions with Google Forms This article does a great job at explaining how to differentiate questions using Google Forms. Learning to do this can also apply to other apps such as making assessments in Google Slides. Each of these use a method this author calls "branching." Basically when looking at your test, you need to ask your self a question each time you the student clicks on something. For example, what should happen if the student clicks the wrong answer? Should the test continue on to the next question as normal? Should it go to a different question? OR should it go to another resource so the student can review the topic?

Passwords and Positive Self-Talk #edtech This is an interesting idea that I would not have thought of. It is good to combine the idea of creating passwords and having a purpose behind the password. That idea would be reinforced each time the password is entered.

Make Story Cubes with Google Drawings #edtech Welcome 2019! That year still sounds far off into the future to me. :) Again, another creative educational use for a tool that is underutilized or overlooked.