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Stop Google Slides from Auto-Advancing #gsuite #edtech Why is this useful?  Well, I use this function all the time when I create interactive Google Slides. This is a great way to make sure that kids don't accidentally move ahead when they are really trying to interact with the slide.

Cyber Monday I am surprised you are here today. If you are out shopping on Cyber Monday, check out deals for your classroom too. Technology is almost always discounted on Black Friday / Cyber Monday.

REVERSE DICTIONARY #edtech This is an interesting tool for learning vocabulary. "Sometimes, you try to think of a word but you can’t say it. Here is a website that will help you find the words that you’ve been thinking about all day long!"

6 MORE GREAT #Makerspace Practices #edtech Does your school have a Makerspace? Leave a comment and let me know what your doing. We have a couple of these spaces currently. One is a Gaming Lab at the high school level and the other is at the Elementary level. I would really like to see one like the Lego example that is pictured.

Teaching Vocabulary with Keyword Searches #gsuite #edtech

Teaching Vocabulary with Keyword Searches The original idea detailed in the link above, shows a method of teaching vocabulary words visually with Adobe Spark. However, if I were to use this method, I would most likely modify this to use Google Image search. Mainly because my school district does not have Adobe Spark. To accomplish this, I could use one of two image search tools from Google, #1) Go to  and have students search a vocabulary term. #2) Have students search for images directly within G suite using Google Docs image search. See how to search for an image with Google Docs at the following link : Example Activity Using this Tool Have students create a google doc and type out their Vocabulary words. I would lim

Copy and Paste Formatting in Google Slides #gsuite #edtech

Google released an update to Google Slides, allowing users to easily copy and past formatting between slides. Copy formatting to multiple objects in Google Slides  

Make Mondrain Art with Google Sheets #gsuite #EdTech

Find out how to make Mondrain Art with Google Sheets I am often thrilled to learn about something that people create in G suite that is not obviously intended. This is an fine example of something I never thought of for Google Slides. If you are familiar with Google Sheets, or most slide show programs, you are already knowledgeable and most likely already have the skills to do this.

Best of #Gsuite Updates October 2018 #EdTech

Hello Everyone! Google is constantly updating G-Suite's apps for education (GSFE). Through the month I will post about my favorite. Since I did not post last month, here are my favorite updates from October 2018. Vertical ruler improves table management in Google Docs (Finally!) Insert Images and Charts from Explore Docs and Slides Automatic REAL-TIME Captions in Google Slides Vertical ruler improves table management in Google Docs (Finally!) I know many who have been waiting for Google Docs to add the Vertical ruler, myself included. Now that it is here, finally those of us that want to make tables within Google Docs have more control over the rows and cells. Insert Images and Charts from Explore Docs and Slides If you've never clicked that "Explore