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Reflections of 2018 - Less iPads, Fortnite Dances, and No One is Safe #edtech

Well it is that time of year again. I will be taking some much needed time off during this holiday season. However, I will return on January 7, 2019 with new posts. Before I go here are some random thoughts and reflections on this year. Year 1.5 of 1:1 In my school district this is the second year our 1:1 deployment. K-12 we have Chromebooks with 6-12 taking their devices home. The summer was a huge learning experience with having to sort and process an entire district worth of devices (over 1600) on top of a deployment of new desktop computers. I know more than I did last year, but not as much as I'll know next year. Overall I am amazed at the impact this has had on student learning and can't wait to see what the future holds. No More PARCC, now IAR This was the last year of PARCC testing in the state of Illinois. This school year, we are moving to the Illinois Assessment of Readiness. I have heard from the state that although the test will start very similar to PARC

Helping Learners to be Kind Online (and Offline) #edtech I remember one of my first training lessons when I got promoted to a manager at my first job. They taught me about taking complaints over the phone. The biggest thing I remember is "the power behind the phone." People would not say some of things they would say over the phone, if they were talking to you face to face. Some of those things, they wouldn't even normally think. That has proved to be a very valuable lesson and one I believe has helped me in multiple facets of life. I believe that mentality can help those when communicating online as well.

Turn Google Slides into an Animated GIF #edtech #gsuite A potentially really useful tool. What are some of the create uses you could see for this tool in your classroom?

Top 10 K–12 Educational Technology Trends #edtech Personally I have seen a lot with 1:1, especially with Chrome Devices. However, as we prepare for the next 5 years, will there be a change in the type of devices we use. Thinking back 8 years, it seems easy to forget that there was no such thing as an iPad. Also, 6 years ago there was no such thing as a Chromebook. What will be the next device we can't do without? My guess is it will be some sort of wearable tech. I have already seen some examples of schools that use wearable tech to allow kids into the building or classrooms and so on.

November is Ideal for Teaching Geography and Immigration #edtech

Scroll through this article to find a very detailed list of resources for teaching about Geography and Immigration.

Tool to Brand Yourself or School with a Logo #edtech Branding is more important than you may think. Having a specific brand helps others identify your (or your school's) believes, values, and can help with recognition of achievements and success.

5 Ways to Embed Coding into Your Science Curriculum #edtech Why is Coding Important? Coding involves high level thinking such as creativity and troubleshooting. One obvious connection I can see to science is learning DNA sequencing and genetic traits. What traits will you end up if you have certain genes? That is very similar to, what product will I get if I input X? Teachers: Should I Even Try This If I'm not a Coder? Yes! Do not be intimidated by the words "coding" and "programming." Take a look at the resources in the article (linked at the top). You may already be a pro but don't know it.