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RE: The web began dying in 2014, Here's How

For those that are interested in the field of tech, this article offers some perspective on the web and internet over the past 10 years. Mind-blowing facts from this article: Facebook and Google account for over 70% of all internet traffic! Amazon does not focus on profit (see their revenue vs net income chart) Mobile devices are now accessing the internet more than desktops as of last year.

4-H Club featuring Wearable Tech

Interesting video about the 4-H National Youth Science Day. For More Information

New Google Sites - Setup Custom Domain #EdTech

A very useful tutorial for those wanting to setup a custom web address name for your Google Site. For example. I changed my website. to the much more user friendly I did this so my students could easily get to my class website so they didn't have to type out the looooong web address. At the moment, mine is setup as a re-direct link, but after viewing this tutorial I'll have to get to work on getting that changed.

RE: 5 Ways to Use Video in the Classroom #edtech

This is a great article showcasing some of the uses of video in the classroom. Topics include flipping classroom instruction, student assessments, as well as video for professional development and parent communication. Check out the Article Here

RE: What teachers say the need to use #EdTech Effectively

Check out this article,  What Teachers Say They Need to Use Technology Effectively , for some insight into how teachers view Education Technology in their classrooms. Article Preview Based on those surveyed, 68 percent of teachers in blended learning classrooms report that with the use of technology they’re better able to differentiate instruction for their students. Teachers who have experienced online and blended classes for their own professional learning use advanced technology with their students, value the role of technology in learning more highly, and have higher aspirations for leveraging technology to transform learning environments.

RE: What's New: #EdTech Tools for Schools

Have a look at this resource list for teachers to use in their classrooms. This list includes new tools as well as updates to existing tools.

Grade sync Google Classroom To Skyward #edtech

I am often asked if Google Classroom and Skyward, our Student Information System, have a way to sync grades between each other. Well, at this point, there is nothing offered that will sync grades. It is possible for teachers to mass copy grades from Google Classroom into Skyward. It is a lengthy process that gets easier with experience. Take a look at the resources below. 5 Minute Tech Tips - Transfer Grades from Google Classroom to Skyward Google Doc, Migrating Grades from Classroom Into Skyward

Halloween in the Classroom #EdTech

Holidays mean a lot for many students. Adding holiday themed/deigned activities into classroom lessons can increase student engagement and class morale. Here are some resources for classroom teachers on Halloween, from decorating to integrating the holiday into course curriculum. Pinterest - 222 of the Best Halloween Images/Activities Education World - Halloween Lesson Ideas NEA - Halloween Lessons, Activities, and Resources K-5 Scholastic Halloween Resources Pre-K to 8 Teacher Vision - Halloween Worksheets and Resources TeachHub - Halloween Activities for Any Grade While Holiday lessons are engaging for most students, there are some that do not celebrate holidays as they may not fit with their beliefs. However, these students do not need to be excluded from these lessons. Here is a resource for providing alternative lessons that can still encourage participation and engagement without infringing on the students' beliefs. This falls along the same lines as different

Create Interactive Worksheets with Google Docs #EdTech

It is great when teachers can find PDF documents that students can fill out. However, on Chromebooks these are quite a challenge. Some have the ability to use apps like Kami. Annotating and Filling out PDFs on Chromebooks Kami allows students and teachers to annotate over PDFs within a web browser. This is one solution for getting students to fill out worksheets on Chromebooks. However, it is one that will cost money if you want all of your students to be able to use it. However, a potentially better solution would be to create your own Fillable Worksheet in Google. You can use Google Docs or Google Sheets for this method. Check out my Google Docs example below. Sample Fillable Worksheet  (Blank) Sample Fillable Worksheet with Sample Answers The key to creating fillable worksheets on Google Docs is to create every question into a table. Always have your question and answer blanks separated so students will type you you intend them to answer. I also highlight these a

RE: Developing Global Citizens #EdTech

Global Citizenship and Intercultural Exchanges from Shelly Sanchez Terrell Teaching citizenship to students is not confined to one subject, grade level, or even just at school. This goal is one that every educator shares with the community, creating students to be productive global citizens. More than ever we need our learners to be global citizens who help make the world a better place. For more Information

RE: 3 Ways Students Build Empathy Using #EdTech

Can your students build empathy skills even while using technology?Yes! This article and video from Common Sense Education has some great tips on how to help students build empathy using technology.  For More Information

RE: Periodic Table of Tech #EdTech

This is a very valuable resource for those that teach and learn the Periodic Table of Elements. This Period Table of Tech details the real-world uses of elements, some of which are rarely encountered outside the chemistry classroom.

RE: Jeopardy Rocks! #EdTech

I still have my Classroom Jeopardy buzzer set that I used in my classroom for review games and for Scholastic Bowl Practice. This system was great, as I was able to get it from a school district that bought one for every classroom. However, the Kindergarten teachers of that district, never used it. So I was able this brand new for a fraction of the cost.  These units were costly when they were new and, to my knowledge, may not be produced anymore.  This tool is an online alternative that can be easily used in your classroom. If you enjoy playing Jeopardy games in your class with your students, here is an easy to use tool that you can use in all levels.

(A) Most Famous Virus in History #EdTech

The (computer) virus Jerusalem (AKA Friday the 13th) was created in Israel in 1988 to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the creation of the Jewish state. To activate the virus, the computer calendar only had to hit Friday the 13th and all the programs and files that were being used would be infected and eliminated. For more information: Also checkout these articles on antivirus software. The Best Anti-Virus Software of 2017 U.S. government must stop using Kaspersky Lab antivirus software. Should you switch too? The Limits of Antivirus Software

RE: Great Serious Coding Instruction #EdTech

The best description I've heard for describing computer coding / programming to children is "Computer programming is learning how to talk the computer and teaching the computer how to talk to you."  - Unknown Here is an interesting coding tool for grades 4-8. This tool is available across multiple platforms. Check out the links below for more information. And what's life without a little humor thrown in....we must be getting closer to Halloween...

Thar B Pirates in Dem Waters #EdTech has several resources and games for teachers and students. Check out this resource about the real Pirates of the Caribbean.

3 Options for Presentation Screens in Schools #edtech

  One tech tool that most schools all have is a projector and screen in each classroom. This technology dates back to the 1960s with overhead projectors and can go back even further with filmstrip projectors. Today schools are using multimedia projectors to display from Computers, DVD Players (and yes some still use VCRs), along with other equipment such as document cameras. Projectors and screens are often quite costly and require bulb maintenance and replacements. Here are a few suggestions on how to curb the cost of presentation solutions in the classroom. #1) LED Projectors In my district, we have started to phase out projectors that use bulbs with projectors that are lamp-less and use LED technology. There are many advantages to these projectors such as: 20,000+ hour life (compared to an average of 3,000 hour bulb life) Instant on (no waiting for the bulb to warm up) Bright vibrant colors (no need to dim the room) Similar price point to other projectors The specif

Google's New Products Announcement

Earlier this week, Google announced new products to be released later this year. Google Home Mini $49 / Max $399 Google's answer to the Apple Home Pod is the Google home models. One feature was featured is the "Broadcast" feature. If you have multiple "Homes" around your house, you can ask Google to Broadcast a message to the other devices. You can use this model with any Chromecast in your home as well. Google Pixelbook $999 Google unveiled a new 12.3" touchscreen convertible chromebook that can come with Intel i5/i7 processors, 16GB of RAM, and up to 512GB solid state hard drives. This device will be released on October 31st. An additional accessory for the Pixelbook was also announced called the Pixelbook Pen. These products are unmistakable allusions to Apples iPad Pro and Pen. Pixel 2 (Price) Googles new phone comes with a high-end camera and has new AR (augmented reality) features. However, Google has also "cut the cord" so t

Parent/Teacher Conferences in the Tech Age #EdTech

Image from Parent/Teacher Conferences are right around the corner in my district. Here are some tools that can help ease some of the complications that arise with P/T conferences. Schedule the Conference Online We have streamlined the process by having parents sign up online to schedule time with teachers. This is immensely helpful to both parents and students. Here is an example tool below. YouCanBook.Me  - Schedule conferences and block out times. Parents can pick an appointment slot time to meet with the teacher. Sign Up Genius   - Plan school parent teacher conferences with simple online sign ups that allow participants to schedule appointments and swap slots simply. Use Online Conferencing Tools to Meet In some instances it may not be feasible to meet in the same location. Some may choose to use a tool below to meet with parents. Google Hangouts  - Web chatting, video, or audio conferencing tool Skype  - Web chatting, video, or audio conf

Office Mix: PPT add-on for flipped lessons #EdTech

I don't often post on Microsoft products, but for those that still use these with your students, here is a powerful add-on to make interactive flipped lessons with PowerPoint.

Flip Quiz: Jeopardy Style Quiz Maker

FlipQuiz™ was created to provide educators with a quick way to create quiz boards for test review games in the classroom. These review games are traditionally tedious to create, difficult to present, and can largely just be used once. Check out Flip Quiz Here Resource Guide :

Do you know your Chromebook's Expiration Date?

Every chromebook is said to be guaranteed to auto-update for 5 years from the start of manufacturing. However, once this date passes, the Chromebook may not be able to run the latest features of Chrome OS, and therefore will quickly fall out of compatibility for websites and apps. A major concern for some Ed Tech professionals is will this affect compatibility for State Testing? Here in Illinois, this question has been raised. The Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) has not directly answered this question. However, apps such as TestNav (For Pearson) and NWEA MAP Growth require that the device run the most up-to-date version of Chrome OS in order to be a "secure" testing device. Google's G-Suite will work if your device is out of date by a few versions. Other websites will still continue to work, although if a site uses a feature in Chrome that is not supported by your device, it may work incorrectly or not at all. Check your device here https://support.googl