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Choosing The Right Adaptive Learning Tool #edtech #education

Find out how adaptive learning solutions are helping teachers target instruction and use data more effectively—and how they’re helping students learn. This article shows the perspective of different educators and the learning tools they use in their classroom. I really appreciate the why's behind the tool separating this article from many other "click bait style" articles.

Add Buttons to your Google Site #edtech #gsuite #education #googlesites

Way to go Google. This was an often requested feature for teachers. Take a look at Google's latest update for Google Sites.

3 Ways to Simplify, Streamline, and Empower Your Lesson Design #EdTech #Education

See the Full Article I am going to focus on my favorite from this list, which is Leverage a Google Slide Template to Collect Student Work. I really like the idea of students creating a digital portfolio through Google Sites. This allows students to have a somewhat permanent record of what they accomplished in class. Many times at the end of the school year, I witnessed all I had taught them, quite literally get thrown in the garbage/recycling. This allows students access to their work after the fact as well as provides a snapshot of what was learned at the end of the year. See Example:

Let Students Create video with WeVideo! #EdTech #education

See the Full Article Recently I featured an article on Adobe Spark, an online video creation tool. However, in the past I have also recommended WeVideo, which is also an excellent tool. However, WeVideo does offer a premium version with more features for a price.  This article is not meant to compare WeVideo with Adobe Spark, but it is meant to show those of you who have seen Adobe Spark, what WeVideo can offer.