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How Tech can Improve Physical Safety in Schools There are many elements of making schools safe physically for students. However, this article identifies some of the key technologies that can greatly improve school safety. It is comforting to know that many schools that I have visited, including my own, use many of these technologies.

How Tech Can Improve Digital Citizenship in K-12 #edtech This is a good article with a lot of resources for teaching Digital Citizenship in the classroom. One philosophy I endorse is to integrate Digital Citizenship into class lessons, not teaching these skills as a lesson in itself. Students learn better with a purpose. For example, students are told to demonstrate digital citizenship in an online discussion forum related to subject matter taught in the class. If you haven't yet checked out Google's "Be Internet Awesome" I would highly recommend it. This is a great resource to help guide students and staff to not only promote digital citizenship, but get everyone on the same page with terminology and meanings. It is a great way to get parents involved as well.

6 Ed Tech Tools to Try in 2019 #edtech This is an old post, but one I keep coming back to for new tools to try in the classroom. The Google Tour creator can also be adapted to work on chromebooks. That is one I have wanted to try out for a while as it will put students in the location being talked about. It also encourages self-exploration, allowing students to find things that are meaningful to them. GeoGuesser is another tool I could see being a great help to the classroom. I know some people who do this for fun in their spare time.