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Apple Event in Review, What's New for Apple Devices?

While Apple already had an event focused toward education, the June Apple Event was geared more for Developers. This event showcased the new features coming to new and old Apple Devices. iOS (iPhone & iPad) New OS will not exclude any more devices. (If your device could run iOS 11, it can run iOS 12) iOS 12 will support the most devices (all the way back to 2013). Apps should load faster and be more responsive New AR Kit, basically more features coming for Augmented Reality Siri can now be proactive about making suggestions, Example, when your in a movie theater, Siri can suggest to silence your phone. Do Not Disturb - Choose not to receive notifications at night, they will appear the next morning in a group. Timer for kids, can prompt you when you set a time limit for apps. Customizable Animojis, similar to BitMoji Group FaceTime Calls (up to 32 people can be in one call) MacOS (MacBook & iMac) No More Mountains, new OS is called Mojave New "Dark