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How to Design an Effective K–12 Technology Evaluation Program #edtech Superintendents and technology directors should take a holistic approach to data analysis to accurately measure the impact of digital integrations.

How K-12 Schools Should Define and Act on Digital Learning #edtech A more student-centered learning approach blends the best of the traditional classroom with more modern, digital learning environment tools and tactics.

Work smarter in Sheets, New Features #edtech #GSuite New features include: Selecting objects like in slides, being able to select multiple objects at once, move, and resize. Copy and Paste an image into a CELL! (Finally!!!) Guides and more...

RE: Death by PowerPoint: the slide that killed seven people #edtech PowerPoint was once a powerful, transformative tool in education. In more recent years, this tool has been criticized as being overused, improperly used, and causing disinterest and disengagement from learning. In this example, PowerPoint was used as a tool that lead to the death of 7 astronauts. How did this happen? Learning how to use a presentation assist tool is not always a life and death matter. Making sure your presentation connects with your audience is important. Otherwise, what is the point of doing the presentation? One of the keys to keeping an audience engaged is audience participation and interaction. These interactive components have to relate to the topic and be meaningful, not just ice breakers. Resources on effective slide presentations

What is Google Currents? #edtech #gsuite

Google announced a new app for Gsuite called, Currents. This app is directly replacing Google+, which Google is phasing out. "All of your organization’s existing Google+ content will automatically transfer to Currents once you are enrolled in the beta," Google released in their statement. At this moment, I am uncertain if this app will be available to personal Google accounts or if this is exclusively for Gsuite. For More Information