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Touchscreen Chromebooks, Are they Worth It?

I had a student in my office the other day that needed help with his personal Chromebook. In the process of helping him, I asked him if his Chromebook was touchscreen. To his surprise, it was a touchscreen Chromebook and he had no idea. Since I have not encounter these devices before, this understandably peaked my curiosity. This also raised some questions for me:. What is (are) the benefit(s) of having a Touchscreen Chromebook? What impact will touchscreens have on student learning? How will the touchscreen stand up to daily use by students? So far, I have not seen much information about touchscreen Chromebooks in education. PC World: Touchscreen Chromebooks are everywhere, but how well do they work? Laptop Mag: Asus Chromebook Flip Review

12 Tips for Using Google Apps with Young Students

Check out the Article One of the common misconceptions that I have encountered about Google's Apps for Education, is that the younger aged kids are too young to use them. This is not necessarily so as shown in this article.

Use your Chromebook with an Interactive Whiteboard System

This is a feature I have been looking for in a Chromebook, for the past 2 years. Finally, this seems to be the only viable option for using your Chromebook like an interactive whiteboard. See the video demo below. The Ipevo Interactive Whiteboard System (IW2) This system works with a Chromebook, as long as you have the Ipevo apps installed on your device. In my experience it is the best system to use with a Chromebook. However, there are a few limitations. You can only use the Ipevo wand with the Ipevo Whiteboard app. It does not turn your entire screen into a touchscreen. If you try to use the Ipevo wand outside of the app (such as on another webpage), the device will not work. Ipevo Whiteboard App for Chrome Download

IPEVO Interactive Whiteboard IW2 - Low Cost Whiteboard Solution

We recently piloted and are now implementing these devices as a low cost whiteboard solution in our district. Please see the video for a more detailed description of this product. Besides the price point, there are a few other advantages of this system: Turn your existing whiteboard into an interactive whiteboard No Wifi Required Works on almost any surface It even worked on our floor. Works with computer monitors and televisions Easy setup and, Works with your already created SMART Notebook and Promethean ActivInspire Flipcharts. How to Setup the System 10 Tips for Using your Ipevo System More Information IPEVO's website - Where to Buy This device is available on Ipevo's website. We bought ours off of Amazon for the standard retail price. I'm not sure what other distributors carry this at the time of this article. link  -   https://www.a

12 Tips to make you a Chromebook Pro

See the Full Article Here This article offers some great tips and tricks to those using Chromebooks, new and veteran users can find this list helpful. 1) Use the search button for Math Calculations 2) Play music through Google Play 3) Check your OS Version (Do you want to try a beta?) 6) Keyboard Shortcuts And more... See the Slideshow here:

3 Ways the Flipped Classroom Leads to Mastery

Welcome back to school! This article was shared by our district superintendent this week. There are great points for why teachers would want to add some flipped elements to their classrooms. Flipping the classroom: Helps teachers personalize student learning Bring student choice to assessment Report mastery instead of points

Back to School: Regular Hours Resume

Hello Everyone, I will be returning to full duties next week. I will begin posting more articles as frequently as I can as we welcome students back into the building. Thanks again for your continued support!

Preparing for your First Day at School

For all the new (and veteran) teachers out there, this article has some great tips and tricks for your first day back at shcool. Prepare Yourself A Diary (for notes and reflections) A Personal Calendar (Google Calendar runs my professional life) A Personal "Survival" kit (for your convenience and sanity) Prepare the Way (Re-) Familiarize yourself with the school building and grounds Visit the school website Review school policies (check for changes) Make friends with the school support staff (I cannot emphasize this enough!) Prepare your Classroom Setup bulletin boards Setup the room (charge and prepare the tech) Obtain supplies Post classroom info & More listed in the article Prepare your students' parents

Meet the Modern Learner - Infographic

Click here for enlarged image

40 Of The Best Learning Apps For Elementary Students

See the list here:

7 Time Savers for Innovative Educators

As teachers are preparing for the return to school here are some tips to help you out this coming school year. See the article here: Keep Meetings Short Let Stuff Slide Limit Your Email Time and more...

Social Studies: Oceans & Continents Game

As a Social Studies teacher I used many resources from this site when I could. Check out this game geared toward elementary students. Feel free to look around and find other tools for your Social Studies curriculum.

10 Creation Tools for Web Browsers & Chromebooks

See the article here: Students need to have opportunities to apply what they’ve learned and connect it to the real world. Providing students with ways to demonstrate their understanding and create content is even easier with technology tools. Students who have access to a computer with a web browser – including Chromebooks – will be able to create with the tools on this list.