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Is your iPhone/iPad going to be outdated soon?

Apple, and other mobile device manufacturers, are constantly adding new features to their mobile device. Once a year, Apple releases a major software update that adds new features and a new look to their mobile operating system known as iOS. App makers update their existing apps and create new apps to take advantage of the new features in the new iOS. As a result, older devices, that are not capable of running the new features, are incompatible with the new updates. Apple announced that its new iOS will be 64-bit only, meaning any 32-Bit device that ran iOS 10, will not be able to upgrade to iOS 11. These devices include, iPhone 5, 5C, and iPad with Retina Display (aka iPad 4) . These devices were released in 2012 and marks an end to 5 years of support from Apple. Some may see this as Apple's attempt to make users purchase new versions of the hardware. However, the fact that Apple provides 5 years of support for mobile phones and devices is actually on par, if not ahead of

Commonly Asked Questions About Google Drive

Google Drive is a great tool for education. This tool allows educators to access information anywhere from any device with a web browser or app. Here are a few questions that I am commonly asked about Google Drive. Are my files safe and private? YES! Nothing in Google Drive is shared with anyone unless you choose to share it. By default, everything is private. Keep in mind that your Google Admins (i.e. IT Personnel) have access to your data within your school or business Google Account. Take a look inside the cloud in the video below. Will my files automatically convert my Office Documents to Google Docs? Yes and no, the choice is yours. Google Drive is capable of automatically converting Microsoft Office files, such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, to Google's equivalent, Docs, Sheets, and Slides. However, if you don't want to, you don't have to. Some choose not to convert their files as sometimes document formats can appear skewed when converting. However, I

Google Backup & Sync - No File Left Behind!

This summer, Google has drastically changed how to sync your Google Drive to your computer. Now, you can easily sync folders from your computer to Google Drive. With Google Backup and Sync , users can choose to backup up any folder (not just those in Google Drive) to the cloud. Combined with G-Suite for Education's unlimited cloud storage, this is a wonderful tool to ensure No File is Left Behind ! When Google Backup and Sync is setup, users can save files where they want, such as the desktop, without losing the file if the computer crashes, file becomes corrupt, or any of the various reasons files get lost. Here are a few resources to help get started. Get Google Backup and Sync Need Help Getting Started? Google's Reference Guide: Getting Started Video (From Cnet):

500th Blog Post - Teacher Stats and Reflection

Looking back across the three years I have been a technology specialist and even the years before that I was a teacher, many things have changed. When I started teaching in 2011 there was(were): No Google Drive/Classroom/Chromebooks & no Gmail accounts for staff or students. Students did not have any school provided mobile devices, WiFi was new to the school. No iPads A 2 week wait minimum for reserving the 1 of the 2 computer labs. An hour wait at the Scantron Machine during Finals. Windows XP on every student computer Brand new teacher laptops with Windows 7, which are still in use in 2017. USB Flash Drives that I used to keep all of my class resources on. I starting using Dropbox and eventually Google Drive after numerous USB Drives went through my washer and dryer. No PLCs online or otherwise. and I'm sure many more that I am leaving out... Through all the changes, technology-wise, I decided to take a look at how my teaching style an

12 Ways to Grow as an Educator This Summer

We all look for opportunities to learn and improve our practice. Sometimes it is not easy to find the right resources/tools. It can be even more difficult to find the time, even in summer. This summer I am offering more than one PD class for the first time, all while preparing almost 1,600 Chromebooks for our 1:1 Launch this coming school year. However, a lot of teachers prefer individually paced or independently completed professional development. Take a look at the article below, from Ditch That Textbook , for some great ways to grow as an educator this summer.

RE: Google Cast for Education

Turn your computer screen into a shared screen. This is a great tool that I would recommend to any Chrome or Chromebook geared setup. What is Google Cast for Education? Google Cast for Education is a free Chrome app that allows students and teachers to share their screens wirelessly from anywhere in the classroom. Cast for Education carries video and audio across complex school networks, has built-in controls for teachers, and works seamlessly with  Google Classroom . The Cast for Education app runs on the teacher’s computer that’s connected to the classroom projector, and it doesn't require new hardware. Teachers receive casts through the Cast for Education app, and students share their screens using the  latest version  of the Cast feature in Chrome. Get the Chrome App For more information:

How to Avoid Death by PowerPoint

This Ted Talk gives great guidance on how to create presentations that will not only engage your audience, but increase retention of content. There are a lot of great teaching methods included in the way the presenter gives his presentation. Take note of how many times he asks questions from the audience and reviews the content he presents.

VR and Google Cardboard (Revisited)

Google Cardboard is a cheap, but effective way to view Virtual Reality (VR) content through a smartphone or equivalent device. A while ago I posted about VR and its potential in the classroom ( ). However, my experience with VR has been limited as I did not have the resources to try out the Google Cardboard VR myself. A little while ago, I received one of these (Google Cardboard) in the mail. I have to admit, it sat on the shelf for a while before I tried it out. Through a chance encounter with one of my fellow staff members, I was introduced to a feature through Time/Life. If you scan certain parts of a magazine, it presents you with a VR experience. So I opened my Google Cardboard, inserted my iPhone 6 and started the app. The first VR experience was titled Capturing Everest . In this story, the user rides along the back of a Mountain Climber until they reach the summit of Mt. Everest. I must s

RE: EdPuzzle: Flip your instruction videos with Student Engagement

Spend more time in class discussing the content rather than explaining the content. EdPuzzle allows teachers to use pre-created videos or use their own videos to instruct students outside of class. Teachers can add questions and activities to check for understanding and engage students during the video. Save time Take already existing videos from Youtube, Khan Academy, Crash Course, etc. or upload your own. Engage students easily Enable self-paced learning with interactive lessons, add your voice and questions along the video. Reinforce accountability Know if your students are watching your videos, how many times and see the answers they give. Web Link: