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7 Reasons Not to Swear Online

This is something that I completely agree with. Educations, professionals, and ... well, just about everyone should refrain from using expletives online.

I have consistently heard from educators and other industry professionals, that respect for a presenter was instantly lost at even the occasional use of expletives. This was true for both verbal and written presentations.

Quote from the article
"Don't get me wrong: I'm no saint. On the extremely rare occasions I have a go at building something then you can be sure the air will turn blue when I hit my thumb instead of the nail. Same thing happens when my computer crashes and I lose the last hour's work because I forgot to save.

But I don't do it online."

This statement does relate very well to me. The difference between using an expletive in speech vs. writing is that you have a chance to go back and edit your writing. You have the opportunity to choose your words more carefully. You may think that using an expletive on occasion can give your speech an edge or make you relate to your audience, however you risk alienating or even offending your audience.


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