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Windows 10 Privacy Concerns

I saw this article on CNN about Windows 10 "Unseen" privacy settings.

The big issue that I see as a concern is the fact that Windows 10 uses some of your internet bandwidth to assist when getting updates. You can change the setting, but I still don't know if I like the concept of that. With my home internet connection, I'm sure my speed could handle it, but my connection comes with a data cap.

I am only allowed up to 350GB of data a month (using Mediacom). Netflix and Amazon Prime streaming uses that up in a heartbeat for me, along with some online gaming and software downloads that I do as a computer enthusiast. I come close to hitting that cap every month, but I would be furious myself if my data was eaten up with other people's updates.

I wonder if this is something that Microsoft will take into account when asking each person to host updates with their personal internet connection.


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