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Mr. B Now Offers Video Podcasts and Live Workshops on NEW Website

Hello everyone,

Welcome to 2017!

One habit that I learned in my teaching tenure is to constantly revise and improve my lessons and materials. This is one habit that I have not been able to break. Keeping this in mind, here are some exciting changes coming to Mr. B's website and blog.

  1. Mr. B Website and Blog Redesign
  2. Mr. B Video Podcasts and Tutorials on YouTube
  3. Request Mr. B for Workshops, Tech Training Sessions, or Public Speaking
Check these out in further detail below and don't forget to visit again next month when these changes go Live.

Redesigned Web Page and Blog

The New Mr B Website

Launch Date: Available Now - Click here to Preview

If you haven't heard yet, check out my article on the NEW Google Sites.

I started my class web site in 2009 during my student teaching. Since that time, I have taken on many roles as an educator and a technology facilitator. As a result, my website has become a somewhat disorganized hodgepodge of materials from my classes and technology specialist role. I decided it was time for a change.

Using the features included in the new Google Sites, I have redesigned my website. My website will be updated to be more user friendly and geared toward education technology. The new website will also work better on phones and mobile devices.

Video Podcasts - YouTube Channel Launch

Launch Date: January 2017 -

About 6 months ago, I posted about launching my YouTube channel. Since that time, I have been pulling together resources, planning and researching topics in education technology, and setting up a podcast studio. A major set back to launching this channel was the death of my MacBook Pro, which had served faithfully for 5 years before powering off for good in October.

Want Mr. B to Present at a Workshop or Conference? Now You Can Book Me

Launch Date: Beginning in January 2017 - Click here to preview

Throughout my education career, I have been asked by many for technology advice, to present ed tech tools at workshops, and hold professional development sessions with staff in various schools outside of my district.

On my new website, I make it easier to check out places Mr. B will be presenting or to schedule a workshop, conference, or webinar of your own.

As always, thank you again for your continued support of Mr. B Ed Tech.


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