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Mr B Ed Tech: Blog Post 400

Mr. B Ed Tech Blog has added new features and expanded content. Some of the most recent changes have been:

  • Labeled Blog Articles
    • Now artlces are labeled by topic, making it easier to find articles relevant to you.
  • Video Podcasts
  • New URL, , The old link still works for now, but it would be a good idea to update any bookmarks.

With that said, this has been my 400th blog post.

From Wikipeida, on the number 400.
  • The Four Hundred (oligarchy) of ancient Athens.
  • an HTTP status code for a bad client request.
  • The Four Hundred (sometimes The Four Hundred Club) a phrase meaning the wealthiest, most famous, or most powerful social group (see, e.g., Ward McAllister), leading to the generation of such lists as the Forbes 400
  • The Atari 400 home computer.
  • The 400, later the Twin Cities 400, a Chicago and North Western Railway passenger train that traveled 400 miles between Minneapolis/St. Paul and Chicago, Illinois in 400 minutes.
  • The yard number of the RMS Olympic, the RMS Titanic's sister ship.
  • .400 (2 hits out of 5 at-bats) is a numerically significant annual batting average statistic in Major League Baseball, last accomplished by Ted Williams of the Boston Red Sox in 1941.
  • The number of days in a Gregorian calendar year changes according to a cycle of exactly 400 years, of which 97 are leap years and 303 are common.
  • The Sun is approximately 400 times the size of the Moon but also is approximately 400 times further away, creating the temporary illusion in which the Sun and Moon in Earth's sky appear as if of similar size.
Source and for more information:


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