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Mr. B Ed Tech Turns 3

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3 Years ago, I was required to create a blog as a requirement for one of my Ed Tech Masters classes. A lot has changed in the last 3 years, especially in the field of Education Technology.

3 Years Ago:

  • I was still teaching Freshman Global Cultures 
  • My school district was purchasing Chromebooks for teachers to pilot
  • My computer lab was still running Windows XP (on a Pentium 4 Dell Optiplex machines)
  • Google Classroom had yet to be released. I was still using Edmodo for my classes.
  • Apple bought out Beats Electronics and was about to release the Apple Watch
  • Almost everyone was doing the Ice Bucket Challenge
  • Russia Annexed Crimea
  • Ebola outbreak began
  • The first stores to legally sell Pot opened in Colorado
  • The Polar Vortex was dropping temperatures and dumping a lot of snow on Canada and the Midwestern United States

Thank you for your continued support of Mr. B Ed Tech.


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